ISSOS Reunions


ISSOS students have been busy getting together and reuniting all over the world.  It is fantastic to know that the friendships formed during the weeks of summer school, last far beyond the summer and we love to see students maintaining their friendships, as they mature and progress through life. 

There was a large New Year reunion in Paris with 13 ISSOS students celebrating together. Well done to Anna KucharĨíková , Daniel Dossche, Guillaume Marion, Kornelija Steinsvik, Mons Crn de Mulder, Mordecai Corijn De Mulder, Jade Berouard, Thea Dyring, Burton Lamore, Constance Marion, Matthieu Dupuch, Matthieu Denis and Alicia Bernard for arranging such a big reunion.

Sebastiana also met with ISSOS friends in Mauritius, and enjoyed celebrating with Vittoria, Sebastian and his sister.  Alex now lives in Glasgow and keeps in touch with Leonie, they got their photo taken in Glasgow outside ISSOS Head Office. 

The friendships made at ISSOS are strong ones, and these students are proof that such friendships can last way beyond the 3 weeks of summer school.