ISSOS in Photos

ISSOS, The Experience of A Lifetime, Capturing your memories every day!

Every summer we take and upload 100's of photographs, so that parents, friends and alumni can follow the ISSOS experience as it is happening. This summer we had a dedicated media manager in both St Andrews and Cambridge that documented the summer with 100's of photos and films detailing all the highlights of the ISSOS jounrney. 

Photos depicting classes, clan events, group time, evening programs, activities, trips and much more. 

Here are links to the numerous photos that will allow you to share and relive this amazxing experince:

St Andrews Session 1

St Andrews S1 (Part 1)

St Andrews S1(Part 2)

St Andrews S1(Part 3)

St Andrews S1(Part 4)


Cambridge (Part 1)

Cambridge (Part 2)

St Andrews Session 2

St Andrews S2 (Part 1)

St Andrews S2 (Part 2)

St Andrews S2 (Part 3)

St Andrews S2 (Part 4)