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2020 wasn’t the year any of us were hoping for, but it did give us the time to reexamine our programs and look for ways to improve and expand what we offer. So, in addition to our in-person summer schools, we will also be running ISSOS Online.

Our online course will still be for students of every nationality, aged 13 - 18 years old. We will be launching full details of each course including dates, fees and applications soon, but here’s a small preview of what you can expect from ISSOS Online.


When deciding which of our classes to run online, we looked at our most popular class choices from our in-person options and matched them with what we believe best fits the needs and wants of high-school students in the challenging academic times they are facing. So our online summer courses will offer Study Skills, Business & Entrepreneurship and Creative Writing.

Each 2-week, blended learning course will contain over 50 hours of course material, including 20 hours of live, group classes with our highly qualified teachers, as well as one to one catch-up sessions with their teacher to get any additional help they need with their classwork.

We will also be offering additional activities that students will be able to access as well as their academic class, like our University Admissions Workshop and group activities to help them relax, have fun and get to know their online classmates around the world.

Full details of the curriculum for each of our online classes will be released soon, but here’s a brief look at what each class will offer:


Students around the world are facing unprecedented academic challenges, and many have missed out on developing the essential skills they will need for success in exams and to prepare for future university study.

Our online course will help students build these vital skills while working on and completing an essay and will teach a variety of tactics to help them study effectively, from goal setting, critical thinking, and time management, to developing study plans, research skills and essay structuring. 

Online classes


Brand new to ISSOS Online, this B&E course is an exciting new partnership with Wildhearts Micro Tyco Innovate. A purpose-driven entrepreneurial program that encourages creative thinking, resourcefulness and teamwork while developing financial literacy, communication, leadership and networking skills.

Micro-Tyco Innovate is recognised by The Social Innovation Lab at Babson College, the world’s top entrepreneurship college.


Our Creative Writing course will help students discover and develop their writing skills. With the help of our expert teachers, our students will work on a range of projects and study different writing genres. They will learn to use their creative voice and discover the many benefits that expressing yourself through writing can have.


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