ISSOS - It's a Family Affair

ISSOS – It’s a family affair

Family Affair

ISSOS is an ever-growing international family, however, for years we have had brothers and sisters attend ISSOS, in fact we have had up to 3 family members attending ISSOS at one time.

At ISSOS we have developed lasting relationships with lots of families all around the world who continue to send their sons and daughters to ISSOS.  One family who have sent all 3 of their boys to ISSOS is the Box family.  Joe Box, the youngest of the three boys has become somewhat of a legend at ISSOS and will be returning this year for his 4th summer.

In 2010 ISSOS welcomed all three brothers; James, Patrick and Joe. They all arrived on opening day in St Andrews a bit unsure of what ISSOS was all about but settled in quickly and managed to educate other students on the joys of British football.

4 years on and James, the eldest, is in his final year at Royal Holloway University studying English.  Patrick is finishing his AS levels and is off to Peru for 3 weeks this summer. Joe will return to ISSOS for his 4th summer and we can’t wait to welcome him back.

We love keeping in contact with our ISSOS alumni and hearing what they get up to after summer and we are thankful for the families who continue to choose ISSOS as a place to educate, inspire and develop their sons and daughters.

Shining a Light on Film


Film is one of our most popular electives in St Andrews, not surprising when so many of our students are interested in working in the media.

Most students taking film have never taken a formal film class before and if they have taken a class previously the likelihood is that they were not allowed to use a camera and most of the class was theoretical.

At ISSOS we firmly believe that the best form of learning is through doing and with this in mind our film class has been designed to make sure all students write, direct, film and edit their own project. Students work as a team to generate ideas for their film and work together to produce the final product.

It is incredible what the students produce over a three week period and some students have entered their films in to competitions like Junior Cannes.

The knowledge and skills that students gain from taking film are transferable to all walks of life; time management, team work, effective communication, leadership, patience, confidence and so much more.

One student, Ed Hallighan who took film in 2008 recently graduated from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland -  with a BA (Hons) in film, his Mum credited ISSOS with helping Ed find something he was passionate about:

“Sending our son Ed, overseas to ISSOS was one of the best things we ever did. He gained so much confidence and fell in love with film so much that he decided to go to University in Scotland to study film. ISSOS walked us through the whole process of sending our son to the UK, we could not have felt more comfortable.”

Cecila Halligan, Parent (USA)

To learn more about the film program: Film elective

Understand ISSOS through TED


ISSOS has been a huge fan of Tedfor a number of years, encouraging teaching staff to use the TED talks as a resource for teaching.  

ISSOS decided to promote TED talks to students and friends by sharing our favorite talks on our Youtube Channel and Facebook page.

Ted talks are educational, funny and inspiring, why not watch a selection of talks selected by ISSOS on our You tube Channel: Click here forISSOS you tube channel

Last year, ISSOS founder, Jen Munro was asked to give a TedX talk in Indianapolis. Jen’s talk entitled“putting heart back on the agenda” explains some of the core principles that have lead to the success of ISSOS.

If you would like to learn more about the ISSOS story and the values that guide it  watch Jen’s TedX Talk:Click here to watch “putting heart back on the agenda”

Academic Focus – Pre IB

Academic FocusWith the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program being one of the most demanding yet beneficial academic curricula on offer for young people, ISSOS realised that many students begin the diploma unaware of the skill set needed to tackle it with confidence and so the ISSOS Pre-IB program was born.

Designed to prepare students who are about to start the IB Diploma on return to school with a skill set needed by covering key areas including: note taking, time management, presentation skills, essay writing and structure, research and speed reading to name a few.

ISSOS has worked closely over the years with a number of leading international schools to ensure that the academics we offer are addressing the needs of the students, the schools and the parents. As a result our Pre-IB program has gained much praise from international schools who believe it gives students the confidence to start the diploma.

“ISSOS students are well prepared in their Pre-IB course and have an excellent introduction to the demands of the challenging and world leading IB Diploma Program.”

Dr Michael Carslaw (Head Master, St Leonards International Boarding School)