ISSOS Influences Career Choice For Students

St John Sisters

We offer Film Studies as an elective class at both St Andrews and Yale and love when our Alumni students tell us that their time at ISSOS influenced their lives in a positive way. Lexi St John attended ISSOS in 2008 and got in touch to tell us about her experience.

"The film elective at ISSOS changed my life - and I definitely knew it at the time! Growing up in LA, I was always interested in entertainment, but my film project at ISSOS was really my first stab at it. I remember during our first session with our teacher Marisha, my twin sister Liza and I were paired together to try to write down the different types of shots we could see in a clip from the movie The Aviator. My heart was racing, and we furiously started writing what we saw. When we turned in our list, Marisha carefully looked it over. Then she smiled at us and asked “What kind of pizza do you like?” After class, we enjoyed a private pizza party with our amazing teacher, and Liza and I have been working together ever since.

My film project at ISSOS was all-consuming and exhausting, and I had never been so happy. I had never smiled so much in my entire life. I remember staying up really late writing and rewriting shot lists, going location scouting and talking to locals, casting the perfect “actors” and rehearsing the scenes, learning how to use the really cool camera, pulling all-nighters in the editing room - it was so fulfilling and fun. Marisha treated us kids and the entire process very professionally. I remember thinking, “people do this as a career?? Like for money??” Liza and I were hooked. Our short films won 'Best Picture' and 'Best Cinematography' at the ISSOS screening, and our little globe trophies proudly sit on a shelf next to other awards for the newest films Liza and I have created together as [The St. John Sisters]( Our film projects at ISSOS gave us the experience and confidence we needed to choose entertainment as a career path. ISSOS helped me realize my true passion in life, and I will be forever grateful".

Lexi and Liza run a successful company creating entertaining film and media projects and have won many awards for their work. 

Film continues to be a very popular elective at ISSOS, with just 5 places remaining in Session One St Andrews for 2016.

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