ISSOS Donates to SuperTroop Scotland

ISSOS values run through everything we do

Social Responsibility is a core value and one of the ways in which we engage in that value is to give back.  We have always been conscious of those less fortunate and with this in mind have selected charities every year to give money to. This summer, ISSOS students who purchased a branded hoodie, did so knowing that the proceeds would go to our chosen charity SuperTroop Scotland.  Our MD Jen Munro, sits on the Board of this charity and we strongly believe in the work that they set out to do. 

Clan Hoodies

SuperTroop provide holidays for children and young people with disabilities. They are achieving this by partnering with Fettes College in Edinburgh, who will host the holiday.  By creating a safe and nurturing environment, children can have fun with their peers, experience new things and go on exciting adventures, making memories that they will cherish. 

We are very grateful to our 2017 ISSOS students for their generosity, their donations have gone to a good cause. 

You can find out more about SuperTroop Scotland here