ISSOS stands for The International Summer School of Scotland and as the name suggests the summer school was founded in Scotland and as such we stay close to our roots by introducing some great Scottish traditions to every program.

One of these traditions that is unique to ISSOS is Clan events. All students become a member of a Scottish Clan and take part in team games and competitions.

The Highland Games sees the end of the competitions and the winning clan will win the ISSOS "Clan Cup". At the Highland games students will take part in welly wanging, tossing the caber, ISSOS strongest student and an all school capture the flag.

The final night plays host to our traditional Scottish evening, dinner is a little different with Haggis on the menu and a piper to pipe in the haggis and then off to the final night dance where students and staff can take part in some traditional Scottish dancing and later on have fun at the disco.

We have uploaded some new photos of the Clan Games, Wednesday trips and the Counselor Fashion Show, which is always a highlight on the ISSOS calendar.