An ISSOS Christmas tale

An ISSOS Christmas Tale of Friendship and Adventure - starring Ron ISSOS

We loved this story so much we felt we should share it with all our alumni and friends........


As the spectacular experience of ISSOS 2011 came to an end, a few very close friends were having some trouble picturing themselves no longer spending their entire days together.  Since they had grown so close over the past three weeks, they promised each other that they would never lose touch and decided to think up a way that would somehow help them to succeed.


Their problem was soon solved when they found themselves in front of the "Build-a-Bear" shop in the heart of Cambridge.  The friends would build a bear together, filling it up with six hearts, each one representing a member of the group, lots of love, and most of all, the common wish to maintain their friendship, despite the huge scale of the distances between then.

This bear was named Ron (after one of Harry Potter's main characters) and he was tasked with travelling EVERYWHERE -- accompanying the girls to their homes, on their holidays and each time bringing his own passport with him.

Ron's incredible journey began immediately.  The day after leaving Cambridge, he was already on a plane headed towards Istanbul. After spending a few days sightseeing in this beautiful city, he was ready to explore the other wonders that Turkey has to offer, including many ancient ruins and some breath-taking
beaches.  From Turkey, international Ron then made his way on to Milan, Brussels, Poland, New York and the Bahamas.  For the festive season, Ron has decided to spend some time in Houston, Texas...and it is from Texas that he sends us all this holiday snap.

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In the words of these six fantastic friends . .

"Let’s hope Ron's adventures never end and that this little bear is able to keep the memory of ISSOS alive along with the “friendship mission” that originated during the summer of ISSOS 2011."

                                                      ISSOS girls

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to Ron . . .  and all of the ISSOS Family



ISSOS would like to thank the Cambridge girls for sharing their story with us.  Many thanks to Kaddy Brown, Krissy Brown, Sara Cosimo, Valeria Meli, Lanie Markham and Oliwia Siemienczuk.