ISSOS in 2011

We hope that you are all well and settling in well to the new school term. 

For those of you who have read though the website recently you will know that we plan to have our 2011 brochures printed and sent out to you within the next few weeks. However, due to the continued popularity of the ISSOS programme with our returning students, we are pleased to let you know that are now accepting bookings for 2011. 

ISSOS operate a very strict 10% nationality quota.  As such, we encourage students and parents to reserve their places ASAP so as to avoid any disappointment. 

2011 Session Dates (ISSOS, St. Andrews): 

Session One: July 3rd -July 24th

Session Two: July 27th -August 17th 

The St. Andrews programme will incorporate the same format as it did this year and you can book now via the same link. 

Total costs includes £500 enrollment fee plus £2600 school fees