Happy St Andrews Day

Happy St Andrews Day!

Although St Andrews day is not a worldwide holiday or celebration we thought it apt to celebrate with you as ISSOS began a number of years ago in the Royal Burgh of St Andrews.  As a valued member of the ever growing ISSOS family why not take a minute or even longer to make this your reason to celebrate today.

St Andrews day celebrates Scotland's Patron Saint, St Andrew and is celebrated by Scots around the world. The flag of Scotland, more commonly known as The Saltire is the Cross of Saint Andrew and features prominently at ISSOS (in fact our logo is a tad similar!)

Today St Andrews the town is better known as the birth place of Golf and for housing Scotland's number 1 rated University.  More importantly it is home to ISSOS, St Andrews and we at ISSOS are proud of our Scottish roots and everything that our culture brings to ISSOS, in particular our popular Scottish Clan events.

Bringing some of Scotland to ISSOS . . .

In both ISSOS St Andrews and Cambridge we have made sure that we bring a little bit of our Scottish culture to ISSOS and our clans are the best example of this. On arrival at ISSOS each student is invited to join one of our four clans; MacGreggor (green), Stewart (Blue), Wallace (yellow) or MacDonald (red).

During the three weeks each clan competes in sporting events, quiz evenings, dance competitions etc to gain points for their clan. The clan competitions culminate in the ISSOS Highland Games which take place at the end of both St Andrews and Cambridge Summer schools, with the winning clan being awarded the coveted clan cup. The scottish element of ISSOS makes us unique and the clan competitions are amongst one of the most talked about aspects of the summer school.

 ISSOS Clans
The ISSOS Clans celebrate the Highland Games

As such, we would like to wish you all a Happy St Andrews Day!!!

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