English Language at ISSOS

"Learning English is about more than studying words and phrases. We see it as a chance to explore new ideas, cultures and develop communication skills that will take you around the world".

Taking English Language at ISSOS is the ideal way for international students to improve their language skills during the summer months.  Our fun and interactive classes cater to all levels and we seek to help students improve daily by immersing them in an all English speaking environment. Our teachers are all CELTA qualified and passionate about teaching.  We hear from some of our English Language teachers in this video who share their experience. 

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Students who take English language as an academic class at ISSOS will:

  • Benefit from experienced and CELTA qualified teachers, daily English classes and individual attention
  • Significantly improve academic and social communication skills
  • Use English to make new friends with students from other countries
  • Focus on core skills - speaking, reading, writing and listening
  • Stay motivated with our fun and interactive syllabus

Our teachers are passionate about making learning English fun and make lessons very interactive and relevant, by talking about current affairs and giving students the freedom to discuss topics which interest them, thus encouraging their use of the English language. 

You can apply to take English at ISSOS HERE