Danish Longball Photos

Good Afternoon, ISSOS is now in full swing and students have settled into St Andrews, their new classes and friendships. We hope you all have enjoyed viewing the photos we have been posting. Last night the students played Danish Longball in their clans. To English-speakers Danish Longball may be described as a hybrid of baseball and cricket, in which each team takes turns batting and fielding. The weather was great and the students spirits were high. We hope you enjoy them. Photos can be found via the ISSOS website. * http://www.summerschoolscotland.com/ * ABOUT US * VIEW PHOTO GALLERY * SESSION 1. ST ANDREWS 2011 or the main link is as follows: http://www.summerschoolscotland.com/summer-schools/photo-gallery/2011-st-andrews-session-1/ If you have any problems, please just let us know. Have a good day! ISSOS