Congratulations to Glaswegian Artist Martin Boyce who was awarded The Turner Prize for 2011

Scottish Artist wins the Turner Prize

The Turner prize is widely considered to be the United Kingdom's most publicised art award. 

Although the prize is open to all artistic media, is it most often associated with conceptual art forms.
This year's winner, Sculptor Martin Boyce, studied at Glasgow School of Art and is the 3rd Turner Prize winner in a row to come from this vibrant Scottish city, which is also home to ISSOS HQ.
Many experts in the field have coined Glasgow as the the second city of the British art scene, outside of London.
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At ISSOS we introduce students who choose our Art elective to Scottish artists, architects and sculptors. Scotland has produced some of the best artists of the 20th century and we are proud to add Martin Boyce to the ever expanding list. You never know maybe we will be writing about an ISSOS student one day! 

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