Cambridge and St Andrews Universities - Best in UK

Cambridge and St Andrews are officially two of the top Universities in the UK.

St Andrews University

ISSOS prides itself on choosing the best, the safest and most picturesque locations for students to spend their summer. We are delighted to see that ‘The Complete University Guide’ has ranked Cambridge University as the No.1 University in the UK, with St Andrews University ranking 5th.  ISSOS are proud to be so closely associated with these top academic and prestigious institutions.

Since ISSOS began, we have had a number of students apply to UK universities and have many alumni students now attending both St Andrews and Cambridge Universities. ISSOS are happy to promote the UK as a place to study and we do all we can to assist students in their university applications, after they have attended ISSOS.

This summer, in St Andrews and Cambridge, we will have admissions workshops which will cover entry requirements for all UK universities and give students assistance with their UCAS forms.

You can see The Complete University Guide league table here