Alumni student takes musical to world renowned theatre festival

After attending ISSOS in the summer of 2008 Fiona Teerlink (17) was so inspired by the theatre program that she decided to write a musical of her own. 

The musical saw two ISSOS students coming together to further their interests sparked at the summer school. Fiona's musical was the focus of a documentary film being made by Meike Van Krimpen. Mike spend months following the cast and crew as they prepared to perform this new and exciting musical. 

After the success of debut performances in Holland  "The Repercussion" will go to the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August. 

ISSOS plans to take students attending session 2 this summer to see  "The Repercussion" in Edinburgh and support this amazing achievement of Fiona's. 

For more information on  "The Repercussion" please see the website: The Repercussion

The trailer, made by Meike for "The Repercussion" can be seen by following this link. Trailer for The Repercussion.