Famous Fight Choreographer Holds ISSOS Classes

Andrew Pecoraro, an Advanced Actor/Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, has agreed to host an Unarmed Staged Combat workshop exclusively for ISSOS 2010 students!!With over 8 years of training and professional experience fighting and choreographing fights in theatres in the United States and Scotland, Andrew’s most recent credits include Romeo & Juliet for Pantheon Theatre Company, Killer Joe at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, as well as working with such great fight directors as Chuck Coyl (President of the SAFD), Robb Hunter (President of Preferred Arms), David Leong (Fight Coordinator for Last of the Mohicans).From the graceful martial arts of Bruce Lee and Jacki Chan, to the raw force of Jean-Claude van Damme and Chuck Norris...even the disoriented brawling of Rocky Balboa—students will learn how to fall, roll, slap, kick, grab, choke, and maybe even wall-slam… just like the professionals!