10 Great Reasons to Choose ISSOS St Andrews

St Andrews

We know it can be hard to choose between our 3 amazing summer school campuses, so following on from our Yale focus last week we’ve now rounded up our top 10 reasons to choose ISSOS St Andrews.

1. Because it's safe

This is going to be at the top of the list for all 3 campuses, because it was the most important factor in choosing to set up our summer schools where we did. St Andrews is a small rural town on the east coast of Scotland with essentially just 3 main streets. It’s a very safe town to walk around and exploring its medieval cobbled lanes on foot is a must for our students.

2. Spend your summer at the beaches

Students going to our St Andrews campus can choose from one of 3 beautiful beaches hugging the St Andrews’ coastline and re-enact their very own movie scene, because West Sands beach was the location for filming the famous opening scene from Chariots Of Fire. There’s also both East Sands and Castle Sands beaches to choose from, the latter being overlooked by the majestic ruins of St Andrews’ Castle. 

The choice of three beaches also means we have great locations for our long running, and fiercely contested Clan sandcastle building competitions!

3. It's the home of Golf

Nowhere in the world does Golf like St Andrews does, and for more than 600 years the town’s various courses have been played by some of the game’s greatest international Champions. It’s the only one of our campuses to offer Golf as an elective, because with 10 courses in the immediate vicinity of the town it truly deserves its title as “The Home of Golf”.

Golf at St Andrews

Students in St Andrews who are keen golfers with a strong enough handicap will get the chance to play the world-renowned Old Course, as well as spending every day of their golf elective on the Duke’s Course. The Dukes is a world class training facility with a driving range, putting green, chipping and bunker practice areas in addition to one of the country’s finest Heathland courses, suitable for beginners and experienced students alike.

4. A rich history

For such a small town St Andrews boasts a rich and varied history. From the 12th century Cathedral, to the 14th century Castle, to the University and Blackfriars Chapel, there is no shortage of heritage. Not forgetting the famous Swilcan Bridge between the 1st and 18th fairways of the Old Course; it was originally constructed over 700 years ago, not for golfers, but to aid local shepherds in getting their livestock across the river.

5. Follow in some very famous Royal footsteps

Not many Universities can claim more famous graduates than the future King and Queen of England, because St Andrews University was where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge met and fell in love. It’s also the oldest university in Scotland. Founded in 1412, legend has it that there is a thorn tree in the grounds which was planted by Mary Queen of Scots.

6. The trips and outings

Students at our St Andrews campus get the opportunity to visit Edinburgh on one of our full day Saturday outings. Edinburgh is Scotland's Capital city and students will go on a one-hour walking tour of this fascinating city and learn about all the things that make Edinburgh one of the best cities in the world.

Our other Saturday trip for the St Andrews’ students is to Glasgow. Well known as one of Scotland’s most vibrant and exciting cities with stunning 18th century architecture and holding the title for one of the best shopping cities outside of New York. When students go to Glasgow they will visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery, home to the Salvador Dali masterpiece ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’.

Water Sports at St Andrews

In addition to Saturdays, our Wednesday trips are half-day outings, and from St Andrews this gives students the chance to choose 2 out of 4 brilliant options: beautiful and historic Glamis Castle or Scone Palace, The Scottish Deer Centre for nature lovers, or open water kayaking with local award-winning outdoor experience company Blown Away.

7. It is the home of ISSOS

St Andrews is where our story began. It was home to the very first summer school back in 20016, and it’s also where MD/Founder Jen Munro went to University, so it really does hold a special place in ISSOS hearts.

It’s a little town with an awful lot to offer, and we find that students who choose this campus fall in love with the town just as much as we have. Where else in the world can you find 3 beaches, 10 world-class Golf courses and so much history packed in to such a small place.

8. The academic choices

The options at all 3 of our campuses vary, with some subjects being offered in more than one location. But wherever you choose to go the standard of teaching you can expect for your chosen subject will be second to none, as we pride ourselves on finding the very best in their field to teach our academic options. 

Debate at St Andrews

St Andrews is the place to be if you want to study: English Language, Creative Writing, Pre-IB, Debate, IB Extended Essay or Youth Leadership

9. The Elective options

As with the academic choices, electives vary at each of our 3 campuses, but we guarantee that they will all be fun filled, action packed and taught by the best in their field to enable our students to discover exciting subjects while gaining new skills and experience.

Tennis at ISSOS

Pick St Andrews if you would like to try: Golf, Theatre, Tennis, Film or Art.

10. For the ISSOS Experience

Starting and ending our campus lists with the same two points might seem like cheating, but they are the most important of our reasons to choose any of our ISSOS summer schools. 

We limit the number of any one nationality to just 10% at all of our locations, so students get a truly international, unique and exciting experience where they can combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure in St Andrews, Cambridge or Yale

They will join a Clan, make friends for life and generally have The Experience Of A Lifetime.

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