EU Referendum and ISSOS

We understand that last Thursday’s EU referendum result may have come as a shock to our friends around the world, just as much as it shocked everyone at ISSOS. 


This was not the result that ISSOS hoped for or envisaged happening.  Now that it has happened, we would like to reassure you that ISSOS will, absolutely, continue to welcome students and their families into our international community.


ISSOS was founded to create a safe and welcoming environment where students from all over the world can meet and create friendships that last a lifetime providing a truly international experience.  We feel excited and privileged to be welcoming students from over 70 nationalities to our campuses in St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale this summer and look forward to continuing to do so in the years ahead.


We believe that we create a unique opportunity for young people to learn from one another, embrace one another’s cultures and learn to be accepting of differences. Last week’s result will not change this from our perspective and we will continue to welcome our international community to our summer schools and expand the ISSOS international family. 


Although we do not envisage any major problems in arranging future travel or stay in the United Kingdom, please be assured that we will endeavour to work with you to ensure the smooth transition and administration of students at ISSOS.  As always, our classes will continue to cater to the international community and we will continue to strive to meet the needs of each and every one of our students.


Please be assured that ISSOS will continue to welcome international students with open arms, as we aspire to break down cultural barriers and create an environment where international relations are celebrated. 


Wishing you all a happy and successful summer.