ISSOS Online T&Cs

Application Process for ISSOS Online

Read the Terms & Conditions In this document.

Complete the application form.


Arrange for the payment of the registration fee. Your place will not be reserved or processed until the registration fee has been received. Registration fee payment details:

Pay Online: our online payment option can be found on our website (

To see our payment providers terms of use please see, we ask all those paying to read these terms and to familiarise themselves with them, and in particular 5.9 that details refunds made and how currency conversion may affect the amount received.

Please note that the registration fee will be retained by ISSOS if for any reason the applicant fails to attend ISSOS Online. However, if ISSOS does not have a place to offer a student the registration fee will be refunded within 14 days of it being paid. Once a place is offered the registration fee is no longer refundable under any circumstances.


As soon as ISSOS has received and approved your application and received the registration
fee, we will send:
● An email confirming the place;
● Links to our student questionnaire (which can be downloaded from our website at any time);
● An information booklet & details of how to access the online course (these will be sent closer to the course start date and will provide you with all the information

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the application process.


By applying to ISSOS Online, students agree to abide by the rules and regulations set out in these terms and conditions and to our online code of conduct (included in the information booklet and on our website).



By making an application, the parent or guardian (referred to as ‘guardian’ in these terms and conditions) and the student accept that;

1. These together with the sections headed ‘payment’ and ‘other important information’ are the terms and conditions of the contract between them and ISSOS (trading as The Saint Andrews Experience Ltd, a company registered in Scotland)

2. The guardian and student are bound by that contract jointly and severally;

3. They have each read and accepted the terms and conditions and have each read and accept, and undertake that the student will abide by, the rules and regulations and online code of conduct;

4. All information supplied in connection with the application (including but not limited to, name of student, age/date of birth, and nationality) is accurate, complete and true and they will inform ISSOS of any changes to such information, in particular of; a) any new, or changes to an existing condition which are relevant to the ability of ISSOS to cater for the student; and b) the contact details of the guardian;

5. An application is made for a specific named student and cannot be transferred to another named individual. In addition the payment made cannot be transferred to another student or to any in person summer schools run by ISSOS.

6. The guardian will be contactable on the telephone numbers and email address given on the application form throughout the period of time that the student is taking part in the online course’

7. No other person’s consent is required for the student to attend the program;

8. These terms and conditions and all rights under them may be assigned or transferred by ISSOS but not by the guardian or the student;

9. These terms and conditions shall be governed by Scottish law and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.


Students are accepted subject to course availability and on receipt of full application form and registration fee. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable. Once a place has been offered to a student, the registration fee is not refundable in any circumstances. However, if we do not offer a place to a student, the registration fee will be refunded within 14 days of our receiving it from you.


A registration fee is payable with the application and the remaining tuition fees are due within 21 days of acceptance. Any students applying after May 20th must pay the full fee (registration plus remainder) once the application has been received and the student’s place has been confirmed.

● Full payment of the registration and tuition fee must be received within the required payment schedule to confirm the student’s place. If this is not received
within 21 days, ISSOS has the right to delete the application and cancel the student’s place.

● The applicant is liable for any bank and/or transfer charges applied to payments and must ensure they are paid in addition to the payment which is to be sent to ISSOS.

Please note that payments made in any currency except British Pounds are done so at the exchange rate applied on the date of transaction and is effective only for the period of time of the stated transaction.


The contract may be cancelled within 14 days of receiving notice of acceptance and a full refund payable of any fees received. Thereafter the full outstanding fee becomes due and payable. For all cancellations ISSOS must receive written confirmation that a student
wishes to cancel.

Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable. Once a place has been offered to a student, the registration fee is not refundable in any circumstances.
However, if we do not offer a place to a student, the registration fee will be refunded within 14 days of our receiving it from you.

If a refund is made, please be aware that exchange rates will have moved between the date you paid your fees and the date we issue your refund. This may work in your favour if your home currency has appreciated against GBP; the opposite is true if your currency has depreciated against GBP. We will ensure that the GBP amount we issue via flywire is correct at the date of refund and we do not accept any responsibility for the movement in exchange rates. We cannot guarantee the amount you will receive in your local currency, which is calculated based on Flywire's international transfer exchange rate. Should a student be required to cancel for medical reasons that prevents them taking part in an online course, this must be supported by an appropriate doctor’s certificate in English.

In the event that the cancellation is for medical reasons and is made up to 21 days before the commencement of the online course they will be reimbursed the tuition fee.

In the event that the cancellation, for medical reasons, is made less than 21 days before the commencement of the online course they will be reimbursed 25% of the tuition fee.

For the avoidance of doubt, the registration fee is not refundable at any time other than during the 14 day cancellation period after receipt of acceptance.

In the event that a cancellation occurs due to ‘force majeure’ such as fire, flooding, infectious diseases, pandemic, acts of God, government, terrorism, natural disaster, war, labour conditions and power failures and other events out with the guardian or ISSOS’s reasonable control that prevent the student from ataking part in an online course, no refund of fees will be made, except at the school’s discretion.


Students who cancel their place for any reason other than a medical condition which
prevents them from participating will be refunded, as detailed below, a percentage of their
tuition fees dependant on the notice period given to ISSOS before the specified start date
of the programme applied for:

85 - 112 days (13 - 16 weeks) notice:     50% of tuition fees
43 - 84 days (6 - 12 weeks) notice:        10% of tuition fees
0 - 42 days (6 weeks) notice:                  No refund will be given

Any student who does not log on or take part in the online courses, is not entitled to receive any refund.


ISSOS Online programmes are open to students of all nationalities, who are aged 13 -19 years old. All students must have access to a computer, with a camera and microphone as well as a good internet connection. Students must agree to the ISSOS Online Code of Conduct (see our website).


All students of ISSOS Online are expected to attend classes and login at the designated time. If students are found not to be taking part in group work, individual study or logging in to the course at the required time, their guardians will be contacted to notify them of the
students lack of participation.


Plagiarism will not be tolerated at ISSOS. Plagiarism is: submitting work using another author’s language, thoughts, ideas or expressions and representing them as one's own work. This includes failing to credit ideas found online, in print or from any other source without referencing them appropriately. Any student found to be plagiarizing work will be given a formal warning and the event detailed in their academic report.


All students of ISSOS are expected to respect the rights of all members of the community. This includes other students and staff of ISSOS. Anti-social behaviour includes, but is not limited to, bullying, racism, lying, verbal and online harassment. Any kind of anti-social behaviour can result in the guardian being contacted for support. Repeated anti-social behaviour may result in expulsion from the course without refund. ISSOS will not tolerate bullying of any kind. Students enrolled in the ISSOS Online program should treat their fellow students as they would like to be treated and show respect to those they meet online.

Any incidences of bullying will be taken seriously and the necessary action taken by ISSOS will be recorded and parents will be notified. This includes but is not limited to; online bullying, including disrespectful comments or actions online that disrespect, embarrass or negatively impact a fellow student, staff member, ISSOS associate or ISSOS.

ISSOS reserves the right to remove a student from the course who has been found guilty of bullying and the student will not be invited back to take part in future ISSOS summer

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