Hear what some of our parents have to say about ISSOS

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Kimberly Phillips (USA)To say that ISSOS was an incredible experience for my daughter would be an understatement. This program was life changing. In 3 short weeks, my daughter was submerged into the Scottish culture, made lifelong friends from all over the world (including war torn regions) with different cultures, religions, and traditions, learned from her new friends as well as in and out of the classroom from incredible professors and counselors. She had the time of her life. We looked at many summer programs, spoke to many students and ISSOS came with the best recommendations. We now see why. It was run like a well-oiled machine from start to finish. There was no question that this was professional and that every detail had been thought of ahead of time. Not only was this program top notch-the people running it and working there truly cared about every student participating. They remembered my daughter’s birthday and found out what her favorite cake was. When she wanted to learn more about St. Andrews, they arranged for a special tour. My daughter speaks about this program on a regular basis and is looking forward to the day when she can work with the incredible group at ISSOS. Do not hesitate to sign your child up for ISSOS today!

Kimberly Phillips (USA)

Jose and Doreen Sedano, Parents, Spain David has come back exhausted but full of energy and enthusiasm for the ISSOS program - he has already asked us if we can do a block booking for the next 4 years until he turns 18! From our perspective, the combination of academic and leisure activities, the international mix of students and the personal freedom in a safe environment are definitely the greatest defining qualities of your program.

Jose and Doreen Sedano, Parents, Spain

Kevin & Wendy Norlin, USACasey enjoyed the ISSOS program immensely. She enjoyed making friends from all over the world and stood up to the challenge of being on her own for 3 weeks in a new environment. She was having so much fun, several days would pass without us even hearing from her! This time away from home taught her and us, that she is ready to take on more responsibility and will be able to handle the college environment without a problem. I fell like she really grew this summer.

Kevin & Wendy Norlin, USA

Beth Flowers, Parent, USAISSOS has been a life changing experience for our family. I recommend the program very highly without reservations. Three of our five children have attended. Elaine, now 21, attended after her ninth and tenth grades of high school and took Creative Writing and Theater. She loved both. She enjoyed Scotland so much, that she applied to St. Andrews for college and has been attending there for three years, studying English and History. Jen Munro is a delightful, thoughtful professional who started and runs the program. She hires teachers from many different backgrounds who are bright, energetic, and leaders in their fields. The students are truly an international mix, with no one national group more that 10% of the whole group. Our children found friends from all over the world and have kept up with many through the years.

Beth Flowers, Parent, USA

Anna Haeck, BelgiumAs parents, we feel that the academic activities as well as the elective program were well organised and were taught to a high level. We adore the system of organizing the students in "Scottish Clans" which gives them an idea of Scottish culture and at the same time it is a wonderful way of putting them into groups without feeling split up into rigid systems. Furthermore, I loved the "debate evenings" which gave them the opportunity to learn and to discuss in a proper way. Our children have done different summer camps before and ISSOS is the only one that offers a complete program from the morning till the evening.

Anna Haeck, Belgium

The claim of ISSOS – the experience of a lifetime – could not be more true. Our son has had this experience for the third time – just amazing, exciting and inspiring. Originally we thought the summer school was mainly to improve his English skills but it is much, much more. The program is extremely well designed and it fosters many aspects of life like self-reflection, self-confidence, team building, global friendships, sport and cultural development, just to name a few things. Also the location at St Andrews is pretty inspiring and he now wants to study in St Andrews. Overall the value-for-money is really great and I highly recommend it for any young kid to get this experience of a lifetime.

Markus Strangmueller, Parent, Germany

ISSOS opened up a whole new world for my son. He starts his studies at Regent´s University in London and it is his international experience at ISSOS that made him want to study in England. We always recommend ISSOS to our friends; it was the best decision we made for our son

Angelika Kilga, Parents Austria

We sent Giorgio, Alessandro and Antonietta over a span of 6 years to ISSOS and they are the living proof of how rewarding the experience for them was, not only academically, but also in terms of self-esteem, long-lasting friendships made and new skills acquired through morning classes and the incredible range of high-level afternoon elective courses. What I love most about ISSOS is the sense of belonging they bestow to the students (the all Clan experience is so bonding) and of being part of an incredible, outstanding and unique summer experience. I highly recommend it to any parents because each and every student is taken care of. I will be forever thankful to all at ISSOS for giving Giorgio, Alessandro and Antonietta so much.

Laura Ninni Riva, Italy