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Do you offer financial Aid or Scholarships?

No we do not currently offer financial aid or scholarships, however there are a number of funding bodies that will offer help with summer school fees but this depends on what is on offer in your country.

What qualifications do your staff members hold?

As well as the appropriate degrees to teach academic and elective subjects, all staff and counselors are cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau (this is a legal requirement for anyone working with young people). Furthermore, all staff members undertake pre-summer training led by a qualified leadership, camp and program professional who has extensive experience of working with young people.

What about safety?

The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority. Throughout the three-week program students are well supervised within scheduled classes, trips and activities and also during their free time.  When students arrive at ISSOS, they are introduced to their group and their counselor, who is there to provide pastoral care and support throughout the summer school session. Counselors wake students up at 7am in the morning, accompany them to breakfast and walk them to classes.  In the evenings, students take part in our Evening Activities Program and have a curfew of 10pm when they must be back in Halls of Residence to meet with their counselor.  All students must be in their rooms by 10.30pm and it's 'lights out' at 11pm.  In terms of locations, St Andrews, Cambridge & Yale are well known as  safe university towns and campuses, offering a safe environment for students to enjoy their summer. There are staff available 24 hours a day and when students have free time between 4-6pm, they are able to explore the campuses, under the supervision of staff.  Qualified instructors run all outdoor activities and activities using outside contractors (e.g. water sports) are subject to detailed risk assessments.

Do students need insurance?

All students must purchase suitable travel insurance that covers them while abroad. Once a student has been accepted by the summer school they will be sent an information pack, which will ask for full details of health and travel insurance. If you need any advice about the type of travel insurance to purchase please do not hesitate to contact us. All students traveling to the USA must have appropriate health insurance that covers them for the duration of their stay.

What happens if a student breaks one of the rules?

A set of rules and regulations are included in our terms and conditions and all students agree to abide by them by applying. The consequences of breaking the rules will vary once circumstances have been taken into consideration. It should be noted that ISSOS strictly prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and legal highs and reserves the right to dismiss any student at anytime, without refund of the program fee.

How well are students supervised?

We have a team of counselors dedicated to supervising and looking after students. Our counselors organise evening activities and are always available to support students as and when required and live in the same halls of residence as students to make sure they are monitored. Counselors wake students up, walk them to class, hang out with them after evening activities and make sure they are safe and happy at all times.

How many students from one nationality attend the ISSOS summer school?

We limit the number of students from any single nationality  to 10% in order to provide a truly international environment. In addition, we make sure that the groups into which students are split for activities etc have a good mix of nationalities in order to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to speak English together. We have a strict rooming policy at ISSOS to ensure students mix with others and that those who come to improve their English are given the best chance to do so - if a student is in a shared room they will be sharing with someone of the same age but a different nationality.  For more information see: Room Policy

My son/daughter would like to be in a room with their friend, is this possible?

We operate a successful rooming policy and we do not house students who already know one another in the same room, in order to foster new friendships and create a good balance. Most students attending ISSOS come alone and do not know anyone, with this in mind we encourage all students to mix with others and make the most of this truly international experience. For more information please see: Room Policy

Do students have access to a laundry service?

Yes all students have access to laundry services. All our residences have laundry facilities and staff will assist students in how and when to use the facilities. All students are given a laundry bag.

How will students know what to bring?

Once a student has been accepted to ISSOS we will send out an information pack to parents and a student pack for students,  this  will list everything a student needs to bring and will give parents and students all the information they need regarding; ISSOS contact details, travel, laundry, clothing, trips and general information. For a packing list see our online version: Packing List

We encourage all students to travel with one bag (golfers can bring golf clubs as an addition item) and to pack lightly to avoid excess baggage charges which can be substantial, depending on the airline.

Who will meet my son/daughter at the airport?

A uniformed member of ISSOS staff will be at the specified airport to meet students on opening day and staff will accompany students to the campus. ISSOS counselors will meet the students when they arrive at their accommodation and will help them to unpack and to settle in. Please note students must arrive before 4pm on opening day in order to be met at the airport. Students not arriving to the designated airport can be met by a private car service that can be organised through ISSOS head office for an additional cost.

We cannot find a flight that fits with your guidleines, how can you help?

If you are having problems with flights please call our office for assistance. In addition we can arrange for a private pick up if students arrive at a different airport or out with coach departure times.