ISSOS Mission

To create a safe place for people to learn and grow

ISSOS Values

ISSOS is a values-led company, this quite simply means it is a company run on a basic set of values. These values are set out below. When ISSOS was established it was started with one very simple mission – to help children. That mission was based on a simple and beautiful quote, which encompasses everything ISSOS is about.


At ISSOS we believe that people our biggest asset. We employ and work with people who have a sound moral value and who believe in what we do. We invest in our people and make sure that they are happy and are getting the most out of their time with ISSOS. ISSOS is a client-focused business, we listen to our students and parents and make sure we deliver on what they need and want in the most innovative fashion. No school or business is better than its teachers or staff, ISSOS is as good as its people and we aim to have the best, most enthusiastic, dedicated and most passionate people working with us. ISSOS is a family and we endeavor to welcome more people in to that family every year.


ISSOS is built on providing a service to students, parents, teachers and anyone associated with the company, that is second to none. ISSOS goes beyond basic service; we believe in meaningful engagement with our clients and those who work with us, building meaningful relationships that last beyond a summer. If you email or call ISSOS, your query will be answered the same day, if you ask for something out with our normal offerings, we will do all we can to assist. No student, parent or business contact should only ever have one contact with ISSOS, it’s an ongoing relationship, it’s an ongoing and genuine service. ISSOS has people that genuinely care and that is what our exceptional level of service exemplifies.


ISSOS is all about balance; creating a balanced summer program for students and creating a balance in all that we do. Academic subjects, elective classes, activities, sport and the arts should have equal waiting. This balance educates the brain and the heart.


ISSOS believes in education in the most universal of terms. Education is a means of stimulating passion and interest and increasing confidence and creativity. ISSOS knows that everyone is born with everything they need, all the greatness, talent, creativity and intelligence to lead a brilliant life. However, it is felt that children have been educated out of their creativity and greatness - it is ISSOS’ job to help each student rediscover their own talents, ability and creativity, believe in their own greatness and embrace it. ISSOS endeavors to deliver education in innovative and creative form that addresses the needs of today’s students. ISSOS endeavors to do all it can through education to help students uncover and rediscover their creativity and innate ability.

Social Responsibility

ISSOS brings together students from all over the world and by doing so, breaks down social barriers creating an inclusive and accepting environment devoid of judgment. If every summer we manage to help just one student realize that we are all connected and that until we accept and help one another, regardless of country, creed or religion, we will never have peace – then we have come one step closer to changing the world. By fostering friendships that span across countries and oceans, ISSOS creates a social understanding that will in turn, affect the next generation to create a smaller more connected and accepting world. ISSOS’ social responsibility is not only concentrated on our students, as a company we believe in giving back and are dedicated to impacting Scotland as a country by giving to charity and giving of our time to assist the next generation. ISSOS connects with certain companies and charities that have the same moral and social values and exists to help young people.


ISSOS creates and fosters relationships with everyone we come in to contact with. We are not in the business of selling, we are in the business of relationship development, which in turn, creates ‘sales’. We develop meaningful relationships with parents, students and advisors. People are our key asset and as such, we treat others as we would like to be treated. Service with a smile, good chat and leaving people with a warm fuzzy feeing, and the knowledge that ISSOS is a good, honest, fun and real company, is important to us. The relationships formed with students and parents last way beyond a summer. ISSOS nurtures these relationships and offers advice on university, careers, summer placements and any other requests. We keep in touch with students through social media and make sure to congratulate them on achievements, sometimes promoting them in newsletters to encourage other students and highlight their successes.


Everything ISSOS does must be done to the highest quality. From promotional materials, staffing and accommodation, to evening programs and cultural trips, everything must be delivered to the highest standard. ISSOS does not do things by halves; if we do it, we do it well. We are only as good as our last summer school program so we have to get it right first time, every time. There are very specific head office and summer school protocols in place along with manuals that detail all procedures. These must be adhered to in order to maintain a high quality in everything we do. If it is not quality we don’t do it!


One core value of ISSOS is safety- if people don’t feel safe – they do not learn and they cannot give their best. Safety does not just relate to physical safety, it relates to emotional safety as well, people must feel physically and emotionally safe in order to learn and grow. With this in mind, ISSOS has made sure to select campuses that are safe and welcoming and create an inclusive, encouraging and ultimately safe environment for people to learn, grow and work.


ISSOS is all about fun. If it’s not fun, then what is the point? Everyone involved in ISSOS including head office, students, summer school staff and advisors, should have fun when involved with or dealing with ISSOS. Head office and the summer school are full of laughter and fun, and as long as it is safe and legal, it should be encouraged and promoted. By injecting fun in to all that we do, including classes, activities and in head office, we make sure that people live more and think more with their heart.