ISSOS experience

ISSOS is the experience of a lifetime for so many of our students, staff and parents. There is a lot that goes into making the ISSOS program unique and tailored to meet the needs of today's students. With this in mind, we wanted to tell you more about what it is like to be a student at ISSOS through our student experience page. We also aim to assist parents in having your own experience by suggesting hotels for your stay, helping you with travel information and providing you with vital information for your time at ISSOS.


Learn about what your ISSOS experience will be like, how ISSOS works, the different elements: groups/clans/activities and start to connect with other students attending your session through social media.

Student experience


If you would like to drop your son or daughter off at ISSOS or pick them up and take the time to visit the UK or USA then we have put together some suggestions of hotels and things to do around our ISSOS campuses. In addition, we would like you to assist us in finding out more about your son or daughter so we can make sure they have the best experience possible, we also need to know how and when they will be arriving and departing. Please help us out by filling in our Students questionnaire and Travel Information form. We are excited for you to experience ISSOS International Summer School, contact us if we can help.

Parent information