For ages 15 to 18

Students taking this class should be going into, or finishing, their final years of high-school

Our online Study Skills summer school course is designed for students going into, or finishing, their final years of high school. It gives them essential tools for success in a variety of challenging curriculums and for future university study.

Study Skills Online

This course is all about equipping students with the advanced academic skills they will need for future university study. It focuses on developing essay writing techniques and presentation skills, but also gives students self-study and time management tips, as well as teaching them how to deal with academic pressure and stress. For this course only, we also accept students who are 19 years old and are about to start university.


Benefits of online Study Skills at ISSOS


  • Flexible online delivery combining a range of online resources and tasks to work through in your own time, daily live sessions and dedicated self-study time. 
  • Live, group classes run twice each day to suit students in a variety of time zones
  • Weekly, one to one session with our your academic tutor
  • Prepares students for challenging curriculums like the IB Diploma, A Levels and SATs and future university study
  • Improves work habits and general academic skills
  • Increased confidence in presenting and academic ability
  • Prepare in advance for university level essay writing and self study
  • Increase time management skills
  • Additional online activities for students to join in with to get to know their online classmates around the world


What students will learn


This bespoke online summer school programme has been developed to equip students with the essential skills they need as they prepare for future university study. 

One of the main parts of this online course is the workshop, when students work on an essay that they have developed themselves. Writing and editing an essay that you have developed your own question for is a key aspect of final year study at the undergraduate level, so this is an invaluable learning experience. We ask all students starting this course to have decided on an essay topic that they would like to work on before the first class.

As well as working on their essay, students will learn a variety of tactics covering everything from goal setting, critical thinking and time management to developing study plans and research skills. We also give students the tools they need to deliver effective presentations as well as developing confidence for public speaking.

ISSOS Online course dates and fees

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