For ages 13 to 18

Suitable for all levels

Our online Creative Writing summer school course is designed to sharpen students’ writing talents and help them harness the power in their words as a way to express themselves.

Creative Writing Online

Our 2 week, online creative writing course helps students build their writing skills through a range of projects including short stories, essays and poetry, to help them discover their own creative voice. 

Benefits of Creative Writing at ISSOS

  • Expert tuition from a published writer
  • Flexible online delivery combining a range of online resources and tasks to work through in your own time, daily live sessions and dedicated self-study time. 
  • Live, group classes, run twice daily to suit a variety of time zones
  • Weekly, one to one academic meeting with your academic tutor
  • Benefits all areas of schoolwork through improved writing structure
  • Regular writing practice and balanced critical evaluation to refine skills
  • Builds confidence and communication skills
  • Boosts imagination and develops clarity of thought
  • Lowers stress and strengthens mental and emotional health
  • Additional online live events for students to join in with to help them have fun and gain new skills

What Students Learn

In this online creative writing course, students work through a variety of lessons and exercises designed to sharpen their skills as a writer, and as a reader. They will learn about and discuss essential literary elements such as narrative form, voice, and style, and how these work in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction writing. 

The main part of this course is the workshop, in which everyone gets a chance to present their own writing, and give and receive feedback. In this way, students get the opportunity to hone their own craft, within a vibrant writing community. We ask that students starting this course have a piece of writing 

Whether you are an experienced writer, or just starting out, this course provides the opportunity to learn about different writing techniques, and to improve your writing in a supportive, caring environment.

ISSOS Online course dates and fees

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